Nalam Rx - Just Touch Prescription

NALAM Rx, a prescription app, comes from India's leading Healthcare IT Company.

Nalam Rx

NALAM+, the popular EMR software for hospitals made hundreds of Doctors from 'Hand written' prescriptions to 'Just click' prescriptions. NALAM+ has been approved by the INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION of TN, INDIA, to be the authorized software of their hospitals. The innovations done for the user experiences of NALAM+ have been enhanced to come up with, NALAM Rx, 'Just Touch Prescription'.

Nalam Rx is best suited for Doctors practicing with simple setup. Doctors can register themselves as users and can also create users for their staff. The staff/nurse/receptionists can login and start registering new patients and Out Patients.

  • NALAM RX is the first app to Introduce Favorites and Recents for prescriptions.
  • Comes preloaded with big list of medicines under 'ALL' in Rx.
  • First to introduce a concept of 'KIT'. KIT is a facility to group a set of medicines together and prescribe together. Like an anti-biotic course clubbed along with other medicines.
  • Option to print the prescription.
  • Built based completely on 100s of INDIAN doctors' user experience.
  • Option to connect to NALAM+ to view Historical Data of NALAM+ patients.
  • Sends SMS/Text to patients.
Nalam Rx